Such are the days here on earth

August 17, 2019 See all posts

This poem by Aryan Singh was originally written as part of a play in 2019. The play told the story of a man who had lost his love! The main character writes a series of letters informing her about his whereabouts and everyday happenings; this was the final letter he wrote on the night of December 2, 1985—the night he becomes a victim of the Bhopal disaster.

A boy looking at the stars, while siting on the terrace. A scene from sub-urban India

Misty mornings, stargaze nights!
But not all is in harmony — We are at war! Tomorrow not all will continue,and the ones who remain will never be the same.
Such are the days here on Earth!
Her smiles light up the place, there demise brings us closer.
My father returned home this week, my brother is still working on his dream, my sister sighs over the rolling ring,
Such are the days here on Earth!
I am here like a bridge over troubled waters.

~ Aryan Singh on