Aryan Singh

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Curriculum Vitae of Aryan Singh

Personal email: aoneone5 [at] protonmail [dot] com

Institute’s email: aryansingh_cse2021 [at] msit [dot] edu [dot] in


Career Objective

To pursue a career in theoretical Computer Science, and be part of an institution that gives scope to enhance my knowledge, skills and to reach the pinnacle in the computing and research fields.


Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Kolkata - 2021 - 2025 Affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology
Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering with Honors

Projects and Work done

Contributor to FedoraProject, June 2022

Worked with the development and design team, primarily on the development and better integration of hardware on Fedora Desktop which is a consumer focused version of the main branch i.e fedora-linux.

Armageddon, July 2022

Armageddon is a text-based adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world! The game was written primarily for linux, But instructions and premade binaries were provided for all leading desktop operating systems. 0thorderlogic/armageddon

Technical Skills

  1. Programming Languages → C
  2. Scripting Languages → Bash and Python
  3. Operating Systems → GNU/Linux
  4. Tools → Git VCS and VIM (VI IMproved)

Awards, Scholarships and Achievements

Jadavpur University’s Annual Debate - Winner - State of West Bengal on the month of Jan 2016 through Jan 2020

SRM University’s Innovator of the year - Winner - State of West Bengal on the month of Feb 2020

NSHM knowledge Campus Pentathlon - First Runner Up - City of Kolkata on the month of Dec 2019

Udayan Trust Kolkata Scholarship for Secondary Education - Recipient of Financial Aid based on merit for my entire secondary education on the month of Jan 2013 through Jun 2019


  1. Responsive Web Design Certification view online
  2. JS Data Structure and Algorithm view online
  3. Front End Development Libraries certification view online
  4. Data Visualization Certification view online 
  5. Programming Approach using Python (v 3.6) view online
  6. Communication English view online 
  7. Web Development using HTML and CSS view online
  8. Ethics in profession view online

Personal Data

Citizenship → Indian
Languages → English, Hindi and Bengali
Interests → Debates, Chess, Running, Swimming, Badminton and comedy sketches

Declaration: I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.